Day 15: Seven Mile Beach

We checked into Seven Mile Beach Caravan Park, hjad a run on the beach at dawn before handing our campervan back to Tassie Motor Shacks, conveniently located at the Park with a complimentary airport drop off.

We like to keep fit on holiday and always start our days with a jog or walk before breakfast. It gives you a real feel for the place you’re visiting and you notice so much more about the place as well as yourself. An added bonus of having time to take in the scenery.

We love seeing the different houses, to smell the flowers and see beautiful gardens, the chance of greeting and meeting like-minded people and pets and hearing the birds along the way.

Overall, we learned an amazing amount of history from Tasmania, we loved the green rolling hills in the north west region, the beautiful beaches of the Bay of Fires and Boat Harbour, the quirky names of streets and towns, the beautiful houses, the inspiring stories from people that have gone off the grid completely, the food, the fresh air and the cute animals.

Day 14: Royal Hobart Showgrounds

With two days of leisure in Hobart, we visited the Botanical Gardens, the freezing summit of Mt Wellington (the wind chill factor was -9 °C), Mt Nelson, Sandy Bay, Battery Point, had an amazing meal at Irish Murphy’s in Salamanca Place, a quick trip to the Casino, coffee, beach walks and the famous Curry Scallop Pie.

Day 13: Snug Beach caravan Park

Heading down from Hobart we stopped and did some beautiful beach walks on Little Sandy Bay, Kingston and Blackmans Bay before camping at Snug Beach Caravan Park,

It has one of the best camp kitchens I have seen.

A terrible fire raged through Snug Beach in 1967, killing 62 people, destroying 1085 houses, 104 bridges, 80 000 sheep and 265 000 hectares of farmland.

Day 11 & 12: New Norfolk

Just outside Hobart, situated right on the River Derwent is New Norfolk Caravan Park. I would recommend it to everyone. The park is situated right on the River Derwent, and long-term residents can give you great tips on what to do and see, and we met some really interesting people and their pet, as they are welcome in the park too.

Travellers can help themselves to the fruit, herbs and a vegetables growing in the park. We did a few walks and ran around the town and river and got a great idea of what it is like to live local. The town has the oldest Australian Hotel and the oldest Tasmanian Anglican Church.

Not far from New Norfolk are the Salmon Ponds and the Museum of Trout Fishing. Visitors fee is $8 and $2 buys you fish food to feed the trout and salmon. It is a very peaceful place with the gurgling sounds of the water with beautiful gardens. If you’re lucky, you may even see a platypus.

We also visited Mona, I definitely will not go back! A waste of money as far as Im concerned. Thats my opinion.

Day 9 & 10: Stanley & Smithton

Not far from Penguin is the fishing village of Stanley with its unmistakable ‘Nut’, a large rock, which is the remains of a volcanic plug. Obviously, if you go to Stanley, you have to climb the Nut.

Its steep climb gets your heart rate peaking in no time! You could opt for the Chair lift rides, but I have a fear of heights.

It is not hard to love this little town. It feels like you’re taking a step back in time with all the beautiful old buildings. Plenty of places to get a coffee and meander the streets browsing the local shops.

A long drive in the rain down to the picturesque village of Strahan ended with us staying at a camp 30 minutes drive out of Strahan at Macquarie Heads. The camp has no facilities besides a pit toilet. The peace and tranquility costs $7 per night.

The other camp sites in Strahan get booked out quickly and you need to be booked in advance. We got some stunning photos on our early morning jog, from the Information Centre along the foreshore all the way around to the West Coast Wilderness Railway station and back to the Information Centre, before taking a free hot shower nearby.

We headed north, after a BBQ breakfast in the park, through the very windy road to Queenstown, had a coffee at Tullah Coffee shop and bribing the resident Alpaca with some apples so that he wouldn’t spit!

Hiked the 6km around Dove Lake as fast as we could in the rain, saw our first wombat and a large Tiger snake, before heading back to Devonport past the beautiful rolling green hills and the town of Sheffield.

Another night at Mersey Bluff Caravan Park and a scenic drive through Longford, Perth and Richmond on our way back to Hobart, not before stopping at the chocolate factory and cherry farm on our way out of Devonport.

Day 8: Penguin & Boat harbour

Later we headed out towards Burnie, stopped at Penguin for a coffee and a walk along the beachfront and overnighted at a free camp at Boat Harbour, a small seaside village with a calm, white sandy beach and aqua blue water, perfect for a picnic.